Ancalf™ is New Zealand’s full curding whole milk powder-based CMR, trusted by farmers since 1966.

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Our company

Learn more about our mission and vision to stay as New Zealand’s premium calf milk replacer.

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Our science

At NZAgbiz, we only use these best and highest quality ingredients such as whole milk and cream powder to name a few.

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Every batch tested. Every batch true.

New Zealand's premium calf milk replacer since 1966. Manufactured right here in New Zealand to Fonterra's stringent standards, you can look forward to consistent quality.

NZAgbiz™ is focused on providing trusted nutrition to ensure young animals thrive.

The better start an infant animal has in life, the better animal they will be in years to come. Rearing a strong healthy animal starts with good nutrition and management of the mother to support a robust newborn at birth followed by quality nutrition and management practices during rearing.

Nutrition, and thus feed inputs, plays a crucial role in the development, growth and well-being of young animals. As with any feed it is important to source products that are nutritious, highly reputable, carefully designed and made from high-quality ingredients.

Made with 100% NZ sourced whole milk powder
Easy to use
Supports growth for strong, healthy animals